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Sheridan Tree Therapies offers Counseling, Intuitive Coaching, and Healing Services for people who struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and relationship issues. 

Let's face it, we as humans are pretty complicated emotional beings. Even when we don’t show it on the outside.

Do you feel lack in your connections?

Is there a spot you just can’t fill inside?

Do you feel drained by relationships?

Is there constant conflict?

Or do you just feel stuck?

Are you working on moving forward in life?

Have you tried making changes in your relationships?

Managing stress?

 Personal growth?

Career satisfaction?

Has nothing you have tried seem to work?

Having trouble getting out of your own way?

Do you want to move forward?

The solution is not always cookie cutter or comes in box.

Who is Sheridan Tree Therapies:

Jessica McMath M.Ed LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Intuitive Coach and Healer... Read More

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