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Compassion and Healing with Convenience

 In partnership with my clients, I assist them in emerging from within themselves with an increased positive self image, self forgiveness, healing connections. When we work together the aim is to assist you in finding balance, clarity and focus for your life goals through a lens of healing.  Chronic stress from past experiences and intergenerational trauma/stress are often hidden or very present parts of ourselves that often create the tangled web of connection within and attachments with others.

My approach is eclectic but always aims to provide unconditional positive regard. With a sex positive, kink friendly, body affirming and  queer allied lens. Modalities that may be used are Somatic Parts Work, Emotional Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Trauma Informed CBT practices. 

What you can expect:

First and foremost your healing process is highly individual. From my end,  therapeutic rapport is the most important part to building trust which leads to open communication. I  regularly review and check in regarding areas of focus of work we are doing.
I find some people come in looking to quell and learn to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in their day to day life first and foremost. These are often my clients that first need a sense of stability then a break before coming back to work through deeper parts of themselves.

sessions can look and feel like:

Come on into session with a cup of coffee, water, or tea, get cozy and comfortable with privacy.  Also, don't be surprised to be visited by Pennie my 8 year old Tuxedo cat. She likes to say "Hi." This is an open forum and often I find the random nervous "dream" or incident my clients bring up often has roots in topics we have been working through and parts that wish to come forward and be explored, accepted, and healed.


I do not accept insurance at this time.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, I am considered an Out Of Network provider. This means I can provide you with a receipt of a paid bill to submit to your insurance company to obtain reimbursement of Counseling Services. 

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